During Migration (1 - 7 June 2021)

Step 1 : Try to access the online system by your existing account (Please skip below if successful.)


Step 2 : If you failed to login the system (see below error, i.e., “Password Expired or you are a new user”), please activate your @common account




Step 3 : Activate the @common account at CPCE Portal


** Please save the following login information to your own device now. **


1.      Go to CPCE Portal https://portal.cpce-polyu.edu.hk

2.      Click the button “New Student / Staff”



3.      After inputting student ID, you will be redirected to Password Manager. If you need to input password, please input initial password Speed.xxx, xxx is the last 3 alphanumeric of your HKID/Passport number (e.g. If HKID no. is: A123456(7), your initial password is: Speed.567)


Step 4 : After activated the @common account, use the new input password to access the online system.