Email Migration Information for SPEED Student


Important points

  1. A new account with same login name (xxxxxxxxS / xxxxxxxxB) is assigned to you.
  2. Since it is a new account, you need to activate the account like new student admission case* (Video guide for new account activation : Link)
  3. Full email of new account is / (e.g., for logging office 365, email, onedrive, ms teams)
  4. Since it is a new account, there isn’t data, e.g., email, onedrive data, on new account.
  5. Your current account will become /, and containing all data. (No change in password)
  6. Email sent to old SPEED account ( / will be forwarded to SU/BU account.
  7. Since most of systems, e.g., my.SPEED, are pointed to new account. You should login SU/BU to backup data only (You can still use all office 365 service in SU/BU account)
  8. SU/BU account will be terminated on 30 Sept. Please backup data before the date.
  9. For mobile device user, please sign-out and then sign-in using @common account or it may connect to wrong account.



*(Initial password is, xxx is the last 3 alphanumeric of your HKID/Passport number (e.g. If HKID no. is: A123456(7), your initial password is: Speed.567)

Reference information (Notice on 28 May)

To : All SPEED Award and Overseas Award Student

From : Information Technology Unit

Date : 28 May 2021


Subject : Update on Email Account Migration Exercise for Student


Video Briefing to the notice : Link


Referring to ITU announcement dated 8 Jan about the captioned exercise, it is to announce we shall start email migration exercise shortly.




Start Date

Action By


Announce email migration exercise

December 2020



Update OneDrive share link settings  

18 Jan 2021

ITU, OneDrive Users


Release user guide and update details of exercise on June

Early June 2021



Start account and data migration

Early June 2021

ITU, Users


Share file with students by using

9 June 2021

ITU, OneDrive Users


Deadline of backup data from Office 365 account (Outlook, onedrive, etc)

30 Sept 2021



Q&A for Email migration 


Q1 : If I am SPEED student, what actions do I need to take before and after migrating to



·       bookmark email migration page for easy reference of user guide

·       avoid using email, its OneDrive and related Microsoft 365 services during 1 – 7 June or you may experience service interruption (Please click this link if there is a genuine need on the period)

·       setup in your mobile or PC on or after 9 June

·       setup auto-reply at your account, informing sender will change to after 8 June

·       configure forwarding your emails from to after 8 June 2021

·       migrate your files from to before 30 Sept 2021

·       if you encounter the following message, please click “New student / Staff” and follow steps to activate @common account



·       do not use xxxxxxxxSU  to login my.SPEED. Please use xxxxxxxxS instead (you need to activate the account after email migration.                



Q2 : How can I access old SPEED student email account?


A2 : Please add “U” after you student ID, e.g, 19123456SU / 19123456BU, with to login office365. Accessing of old SPEED student account is intended for data backup purpose only.



User Guides for SPEED student account ( data migration


There are the following guides for SPEED student account users


Do not carry migration work before 9 June.




Written Guide on data migration (Email, onedrive and MS Stream content)


Video Guide on email content migration (Windows)


Video Guide on email content migration (Mac)


Video Guide on onedrive data migration (Windows)


Video Guide on onedrive data migration (Mac)


Video Guide on Downloading MS Stream video for backup



Reminder on Zoom user


For student Zoom account, please archive all chat messages created in Zoom before 1 June if needed. All chat messages will be deleted after the email migration.



Login and reminder after email migration


Login Account before Migration

After Migration (Upon receive notification from ITU about the migration completed)

1.    Access the account

Old SPEED account

Login URL:

Login Name: or


New COMMON account

Login URL:

Login Name: or

(Initial password is, xxx is the last 3 alphanumeric of your HKID/Passport number (e.g. If HKID no. is: A123456(7), your initial password is: Speed.567)


2.         SPEED Students are required to activate the New COMMON account at CPCE Portal (


3.         Data is NOT migrated from Old SPEED account to New COMMON account. Students may need to migrate the data (e.g. email and calendar, files stored in OneDrive and sharing permission, video files in Stream, Teams group and membership, etc.) before termination of Old SPEED account on 30 Sept 2021.


4.         Students are advised to setup the ‘Automatic Replies’ at Old SPEED account to inform the sender your new email address is changed to [] or []


5.         Students are advised to configure email forwarding from Old SPEED account to New COMMON account to avoid email loss.


6.         The previous shared links of OneDrive/SharePoint are not accessible if the other SPEED student use the New COMMON account to login.  Student are advised to share the files in OneDrive/SharePoint from your New COMMON account again.


7.         Check the unread email in the Old SPEED account


8.         Setup the New COMMON account in your PC or mobile devices



You are welcome to visit Email Migration Web for announcement and reference information of this exercise. Should you have any questions, please contact ITU Helpdesk at 3746-0818 (HHB) / 3746-0819 (WK) or email to


Thanks for your attention,


John Cheung

User Support Team

Information Technology Unit